Tuesday, February 9, 2010

It's a ZOO around here!

Thursday night Steve walked in with this...

Yep. A 9-week-old Maltese puppy. It was a complete surprise! We had looked at a couple online and had talked about getting one maybe in the summer. So I was not at all expecting this little Valentine (from my Valentine:)

Are we crazy? Probably. Is he adorable? Definitely. Steve and I both grew up with dogs, and I am certain he was just as excited as I was. Now, I must say, it has been 10 years since we had a puppy. They are not low maintenance. Taking them out constantly, a little whining, lovely puppy breath, and so on. The first night I was out with him in the middle of the night (2:48am to be exact)in the rain. Since then, he has been sleeping in a kennel upstairs and has really done fine. He is just precious, and we are all crazy about him.

This is where I must give props to Stella, the cat, for being the most low maintenance pet we have ever owned (coming from someone who didn't particularly care for cats and surely didn't want to own one)! She prefers mostly to be outside and breezes in from time to time as she pleases. And she OWNS Wilson. He went after her a time or two and that was a time too many. It is truly amazing that the two of them get along so well, considering Wilson is an 11-year-old-set-in-his-ways Jack Russell and she is a spunky, feisty, newcomer feline. And she thinks the new guy is pretty cool, too.

Rest assured that with a dog, a cat, a puppy, and three fish, we are DONE!

And this little fellow still needs a name...(Owen calls him "the boy"...HELP:)