Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween 2011

Fall Festival at church

Tonight...Raggedy Ann turned Little Bo Peep?
She decided last minute to "change."  I know that surprises everyone.  AC wore this when she was 4 and Owen was the cutest little pink lamb.  I hope I can convince her to wear this one again next year when we have another real live little lamb to go with it!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Surprise for Daddy

AC and I ran to the mall tonight and as we passed by Mastercuts I said, "Why don't we get your hair cut?" Steve and I both love a short cut on her and he has been really hinting at her lately that he would love for her to get it cut.

Her response, "Why don't we get my ears pierced instead?" Well, that is a long story in itself and I think I forgot to post on here that a couple of months ago after eating lunch at Picadilly after church and going for a short walk down the mall she stopped abruptly in front of Claire's. "Dad, you're probably gonna laugh at this but I am serious. I just feel like God is telling me that I need to get my ears pierced RIGHT NOW!" Oh goodness!

Later that afternoon, she told us we were disobeying God by not letting her get her ears pierced. It took all we could not to laugh. We are not anti-ear piercing by any means...we are just working on some things with her for which we think ears piercing would be a good reward (i.e. sleeping in her bed all night, attitude,etc.)

So, back to tonight. With a little encouragement, and the promise of a new journal and a new book from Barnes and Noble for making all A's on her report card, she wound up here...

It looks so cute!! And I can't even begin to describe how excited and surprised her Daddy was when we got home. She said, "I probably should've done this in the summer when it was so hot!" think? :)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

He did it!!

Our little gymnast turned a very important flip and is no longer breech!! I am so excited! I would have bet you money that he was still breech because I thought I would feel him flip but that shows how much I know. What a relief. Steve looked at me during the ultrasound with a grin and said, "Now what will you have to worry about?" He knows me so well. The ultrasound estimated him weighing about 6 pounds 1 ounce and the sweet lady who did the ultrasound predicts he'll deliver between 7.5 and 8.5 pounds. Looks like he'll be our biggest baby yet. She also said he has lots of hair and most likely chubby cheeks. We told her since both his parents have chubby cheeks, his chances are good :) Thank you SO MUCH for your prayers. Lots of people were praying for this little baby and I am so thankful! Keep it up:)

Look at that grumpy face! We are in love. Steve emailed the picture to my dad and said "Maybe Benton heard that the Yankees lost?" My dad is a huge Yankees fan and replied back, "My expression exactly when ARod struck out to end our season." (That little "hole" in his forehead is something to do with the ultrasound...I can't remember what they said exactly). Everything looked great at my appointment and I'll go back in 2 weeks.

Yesterday, I read this devotion and oh my word it was written about me! I am the queen of mama drama sometimes and realize that all too often I am the source of my girls' own drama. Definitely something I needed to read and reread.

Finally, Owen is having a hard time deciding between Little Bo Peep and Raggedy Ann for Halloween. Both are hand me downs from Anna Clare, who is also recycling an old costume. LOVE when that happens:)

AC was Raggedy Ann 3 years ago and I can't get over how much they've grown!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Home Sweet Home

We went back to the beach this weekend and came home today around lunch. It was another gorgeous weekend with beautiful weather. We had a great time but I will say, it's good to be home for a while! A long while. I am 35 weeks pregnant and T.I.R.E.D. And while I like to be on the go, I can honestly say I am excited about staying home and resting...I hope!

I have an ultrasound Wednesday morning to see if this little boy has turned or if he's still breech. If you think about it, please say a prayer that he has turned (or will soon) without any cord trouble or any other problems. I would really love not to have to have a c-section.

While I have peace in the fact that God is in control and He has a perfect plan for the delivery of this sweet child, I sure would love your prayers for a safe, healthy delivery, baby, and mama :)

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Hello, October!

We slipped off to the beach Thursday night for a long weekend. I haven't uploaded pictures from my camera but here are a few from my cell phone.

The weather was absolutely gorgeous, as I'm pretty certain it was at home too. The water was a little too cool for me but that didn't stop the girls or Steve. The ocean was as smooth as glass and we couldn't have asked for a more beautiful weekend for our last trip together as a family of four.

We bid on a couple of beach places at Anna Clare's school auction back in February and somehow ended up with both of them! No complaints here :) So we used one this weekend...just the 4 of us. In fact we stayed at the same place we stayed this time last year.

We are splitting the other beach place soon with some friends and then we will be home for good waiting on baby boy to get here. 6 weeks and counting!

Saturday morning we went to the annual Seaside yard sale and enjoyed browsing through a wide variety of treasures.

Owen scored this not-so-little hair clip and I wish you could have seen her priss around after she put it in. And AC walked away happy as can be with a $1 bracelet. We ate at the Red Bar Friday night (with only a 30 minute wait) and just so happened upon friends Janet and Gary who asked us to sit with them. I hated to intervene on their date but we thoroughly enjoyed our dinner with them.

Saturday night we stayed in and watched football and got Angelina's pizza and before long we looked up and saw this...

We had a wonderfully relaxing family weekend and now it's time to get busy in the nursery! So much left to do and not so much time. I am super excited about my new mobile that I bought at Bellamia...

AND even more excited that we finally have a name for this little one!

Benton Money Thompson

It's a very long story, but Ben has always been my boy name for as long as I can remember. Benton is a name Steve and I both liked and felt was a good compromise. The plan is to call him Benton, but we have the option to drop it to Ben if we decide. And Money is my maiden name. Very different, but also very significant and meaningful to both of us. So, check that off the list! :) Whew!

Happy October and Happy Fall Weather!