Sunday, April 27, 2008

Shining Star

AC was the Shining Star for her class last week. Each child gets a week and they go in alphabetical order. Since she is a "T", she was next to the last. But her time finally came! She was so excited as she picked out 5 pictures to take to school to display and filled out her "Favorites" sheet (ie. favorite food, color, book, Bible verse). I asked her what her favorite song was, expecting to hear some cute little church song. "Banana Pancakes" she tells me. (by Jack Johnson - her daddy listens to the CD in his truck). Interesting choice for a 5-year-old, I thought, but hey..she's the star. Her K.K. made cookies for her to take to share with her classmates (all round sugar cookies except one in the shape of a star for who? You guessed it!) I wish I were better at writing things down that she says before they leave my memory. For instance, we have a hard time getting her to go to bed at night and STAY in bed. She likes to sleep with a flashlight some nights because it makes her feel safe. So she comes out of her room the other night with the flashlight in one hand and her Children's Bible in the other. "Mama, I'm going to lay in bed and read the Word of God by flashlight if that's ok." What a con artist! Like I'm going to say "No! You can't read the Word of God" Anyway, we were cracking up! Steve also told her that if she gets married one day she'll have to move out of our house (which she does NOT want to do) so she says she is never getting married. OK, we say. Then she says, "I don't want to get married but I want to be a mommy." I'm thinking I DO NOT like the sound of this! She says she's going to adopt lots of children and they can all live with us! She keeps us on our toes for sure! And finally, her "favorite" Bible verse...Ephesians 4:32 "Be kind and loving to each other" (the preschool version) So simple, yet such truth!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Latest Happenings

T-Ball practice

only a pink glove would do...and it lights up too!

Left-handed batter

#13...her Daddy's old number

Steve and the girls on the trampoline

Owen in her toys

Not much going on here...just a whole lot of T-Ball. I'm not sure we have the star athlete of the team, but she sure is fun to watch. She likes "batting and running bases, but the outfield is boring!" I know, baby, I remember. We have a fun little team and they are all so darn cute! Her daddy's pretty proud to have a little ball player, too!

Thursday, April 10, 2008


Emme James was born one week ago today on April 3,2008 at 11:34am. She weighed 8 pounds and 2 ounces. Emme's mom is my first cousin (really more like a sister). She entered this world (a whole lot easier and faster than her big brother, Eb) with the most black hair I have ever seen on a baby. She is a doll and already sleeping well at night (we highly recommend the Miracle Blanket). I had the privilege of being at the hospital when both she and her big brother were born. It sure did make me miss Labor and Delivery. I loved being pregnant, delivering, and my hospital stay so much that they practically had to kick me out!

Emme and her mommy (see how me and Cousin look alike!)

Emme and her daddy

Anna Clare and Emme

I wish I had pictures of Emme with her big brother but he was still at school. I think he's going to keep her, though! Welcome, Baby Emme. We love you!!!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Give me Puffs!!!

This child LOVES Puffs! Maybe it's because she had to wait so long to get them because I was afraid she would choke. I had forgotten that they dissolve as soon as they go in her mouth. I even tried one myself to test the theory. YUCK! At first I was breaking them up and giving her little I just pour them on her tray. AC freaks out and yells, "Mommy, she's eating more than one at a time!" I can get them out of the pantry and start shaking the can and she goes nuts...grinning and bouncing up and down. I won't even think about the nutritional value. They do the trick for a fussy baby. And what do you think she got in her Easter basket? Puffs!