Friday, May 28, 2010

Summer is Here!

A few weeks ago I saw this post on another blog and thought it was a neat idea to avoid summer boredom. Anna Clare made a list of activities (i.e. pool, picnic, various local parks, TCBY) and put them in an envelope. She loves little games like this. Today was her first day of summer (blog post on the end of 1st grade to come, and her birthday, and the Disney cruise, and ...I am REALLY behind on posts!) so I told her to choose an activity. When she pulled "Landmark Park" out of the envelope, my first thought was "HOT!" But we loaded up and headed out.

First was the playground...

which was indeed HOT!

Can you tell my girls like to pose?!

Then we happened up on Farmer Sid and Elbert.

It was feeding time, and since we were the only ones in sight, the girls had the animals all to themselves.

Sid was so gracious and patient with the girls (and with me as I tried to snap pictures with a dying camera battery).

He let the girls gather the eggs...

and put them in a bag to bring home so they could have fresh eggs for breakfast Saturday morning!

He even kept the "mean" rooster at bay.

They had a blast! We thanked Farmer Sid and headed home with our eggs.

They couldn't wait for Daddy to get home so they could tell him all about it. And nothing makes Daddy happier than two red-faced, sweaty children who have been spending time in the great outdoors. Feeding time is every week day at 4:00. Your children will love it!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Yesterday, this little princess was two and this was her last night "posing" as our two-year-old little baby...

This morning, she was "sad" that she was not two any more.

And this is how she felt about being "free."

For her birthday, she wanted to "go to 'Little Bamba,' and wear a hat, and get ice cream on my nose." It was a packed solid day, but we made her wish come true. My dad was giving the commencement address for the graduation of a local community college which included a luncheon. I had the luncheon covered but was having trouble finding an afternoon sitter for the graduation. I had pretty much given up and told my parents I couldn't make it, when my friend Allyson insisted on keeping her (she knew of my plight because her daughter babysits for us). She is a saint in my book. Not only did she volunteer to keep her, but it was during nap time away from could've gone either way. Thankfully, Allyson said she was an angel and even curled up and slept on her daughter's bed while she read to her. I am SO GRATEFUL to her, because hearing my dad speak was a tremendous blessing. I would've hated to have missed it.

Next came Anna Clare's piano recital...

She played "The Gift to be Simple" and "Happy Birthday" (which was not planned in honor of her sister's birthday, but pretty cool I thought). She did a wonderful job. It was sweet and precious, and we were very proud of her.

We finally made it to Little Bamba and the birthday girl (and her sissy) ate their weight in cheese dip...

Then came the hat. As everyone sang and clapped for her, she stared at them like they were completely nuts. Like this...

Then she gave us a smile, ice cream on her nose and all.

K.K. brought a gift...

and a cake...

And then we took the party to the house, for baths and bed.

Sleepy Tight

As Steve said our prayers, she promptly interjected "and thank you Lord for ice cream and ice cream on the nose." Amen to that.

Happy Birthday, Virginia Owen Thompson. We love you to the moon and back!