Wednesday, September 24, 2008

For the Grandparents...

Still working on "Grandaddy"...that one's a bit of a challenge!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Swishy...Lost and Found

Swishy is AC's Kindergarten class pet. Every Friday someone gets to take Swishy for the weekend, journal about what goes on, and report back on Monday. Since school started, she gets in the car every Friday and tells me who got him. Last Friday was our turn.

After school, she informed me that Swishy said he wanted to go to the pet store to look at the other fish. So we did. Friday night was pretty uneventful. She played with him and we took a few pictures for the journal. Saturday morning, she and our neighbor took him all over the house and yard and had a great time. When I came home from a baby shower, I told her to get Swishy because he was going to a birthdy party with her. Guess what? No Swishy!

We looked EVERYWHERE! I mean, how do we lose the class pet...especially when we only had him for the weekend! She was in tears. Hysterical! Crying out, "I'm the worst kid ever!" Bless her heart! It really was pitiful. I assured her we would find him. We even prayed for Swishy's safe return. After the party, I continued to search with no luck. I was really starting to panic and did not want to have to tell her teacher on Monday that he wouldn't be coming back! How irresponsible does that look? My biggest fear was that Wilson, our Jack Russell, had devoured Swishy and we would find remnants all over the yard.

After AC missed out on taking him to the party, a football get together, and church on Sunday, my parents and sister came over to help. Erin saved the day! He was in the garage in the bottom of the stroller from being hauled all over the place Saturday morning. I have never been so happy to see a stuffed animal. Of course, Steve said I completely overreacted! Me? Never! Well, maybe a little. But it was important to her and I did not want to get "Slacker mom of the year" award. Swishy missed out on some fun stuff, but it made for a pretty interesting journal entry!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Confused and Conflicted

Not really. Well, maybe a little. When you ask her who she "goes for," she will tell you...

My Mama goes for Auburn.
My Daddy goes for Mississippi State (and Alabama).
My Papa and KK go for Alabama.

"But, who do you go for?" "I don't know."

She has Auburn crocs and Alabama crocs, an Auburn cheerleader outfit and an Alabama cheerleader outfit. Whatever she gets that is Auburn, my parents are right there to bring in the Tide. So, today, in honor of the grandparents, she wore Bama to school.

Speaking of football, there is a big game this weekend in the old "house divided." I better make sure that cowbell is hidden...

Thursday, September 4, 2008

A Silent (or not so silent) Servant

Yesterday, as AC was telling me all about her day, she said, "Today, when we were cleaning up, (girl in class) dropped all of her crayons and I picked them all up for her. Mrs. C (her teacher) didn't see me do it, but tomorrow I'm going to tell her."

All I could think of was...Teachable Moment!

I tried to explain it by telling her that it was so great that she helped out a friend. But to tell the teacher about it would be like bragging. Jesus doesn't like us to brag about all the good things we do. He just wants us to help others without being asked and without having to receive credit. I think she got it.

Steve said when they were saying prayers last night as she was finishing up, she prayed, "And Dear Lord, please help me to remember to do something nice tomorrow and please help Mrs. C to notice." O.K., maybe she didn't quite get it, but at least she was honest!