Monday, August 23, 2010

School Days

It's that time again! As great as summer was, it is officially over, and school is in full swing.

2nd grade for Anna Clare...

AC and Mrs. P

and 3P for Owen!!

Owen and Mrs. B

Whew! Sometimes I wish life had a pause button!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

10 years

Steve and I celebrated our 10th anniversary on June 10th. My sister, Erin, was so gracious to keep the girls so we could slip off to the beach for the weekend. We had not gone on an "overnight" anniversary trip since our 5th. Budgetwise we didn't need to take a big trip (and probably didn't "need" to even go to the beach), but how many times do you celebrate your 10th anniversary?:) We found an inexpensive studio condo in Seacrest for 2 nights and we were off. (and yes, kkd, if you are reading this, I did do the planning:)

I have such a huge crush on this boy

A friend told us about
Caliza Restaurant
in Alys Beach so we made reservations to have dinner there. Dining is outside by a beautiful pool...

Steve "relaxing" as we waited on dinner...

And what a fun surprise to walk up and see Darby and her sister, Erika, who were celebrating their 30th birthdays with their husbands and friends.

We just happened to be seated right beside them. She has much prettier pictures of Caliza here.

And the biggest surprise of the evening came when our waitress flagged us down as we were leaving. She informed us that a "friend of the family" had called ahead and taken care of our dinner! I teared up at the thoughtfulness of this person. What a blessing! It was an incredible weekend with an incredible man and I look forward to many many more decades together!