Tuesday, November 20, 2012

12 months

I absolutely cannot believe how fast the year has flown and that our sweet baby boy is 12 months old. What a complete bundle of joy he is and he brings so much love and light to our lives.  We are going to celebrate his first year with a small family party in a couple of weeks.
He was NOT excited about having his 12 month picture taken. And it's a good thing this is the last of the "month" stickers because he is quite the wiggle worm making it almost impossible to get a picture.
He had his one year check-up at the doctor yesterday, and we are so thankful for a healthy baby boy.
He weighs 22 pounds, one ounce, and is 28.5 inches long. That's 40th percentile for weight and 10th percentile for height.
His pediatrician joked that he probably wouldn't be the star of the basketball team. I told him he gets it honest. From Momma AND Daddy.
He wears size 12-18 month clothes, size 4 diapers, and still no shoes. We don't fool with shoes 'till we're walking :)
He is cruising like crazy but not really standing up alone and definitely not really close to walking. But he can get from room to room like nothing you've ever seen. The other day I saw a dead bug on the dining room floor and my hands were full so I intended to get it later. Next thing I knew, someone had it in his mouth! I was screaming and crying and finally pried it out of there. GROSS!
He's the silent type also :). He has vocalized "Da Da" a couple of times and even tried "GG" but no real sign of Mama yet. Anna Clare had 10 or 12 words by her first birthday and Owen had a handful, but he's gonna make me wait for it. And being a speech therapist, I'm kind of a tough judge when it comes to true words. But he will be walking and talking soon enough so I am A-OK with that.
We do love him so and I am oh so incredibly thankful for our family of five. Very blessed.  AND....the girls, my sister and I just got back from the happiest place on earth.
DISNEY!! We had a wonderfully fun girls trip and I'm so thankful for my mom and Steve's mom helping Steve out with Benton so we could go in peace. It was a blast! I haven't even looked through all my pictures which probably means they will be posted sometime in 2013. As Steve said, the money and the magic ran out, so we had to come home. We are eagerly anticipating the holidays and I am especially looking forward to my favorite...Thanksgiving. We stayed home last year because B was only a week old, so we are very excited about spending it with cousins, aunts, uncles, and my sweet MeMa, who turns 92 tomorrow!   Happy Happy Thanksgiving!

I guess he decided to show me because he busted out with "night night" this morning at nap time.  A boy after my own heart :)