Friday, July 4, 2008

My dream come true!

Those of you who know me well know that I despise cleaning. The cleaning lady was the first thing I had to give up when I didn't go back to work, and it was a sad day! The good news five-year-old loves to clean! I have convinced her that dusting is fun, and now she is a dusting machine!

This morning, as she was dusting, she said to me, "Mommy, I might want to be a cleaning lady when I grow up."

"I think that's great!" I told her.

Then she said, "When I grow up, I'll come to your house every morning and clean it for you!"

A girl after my own heart!

If this is true, she won't have to travel far because she says she is going to live with us forever!

Hope everyone had a happy and safe 4th of July! I thank God for our freedom and for those who fight for it!


Lydia said...

AC is so cute!!! I hope one day I can convince Jacob that cleaning is fun!

Lindsey said...

Well, I'm glad she likes dusting b/c I hate it! That was my chore growing up and it was not fun. I'm pretty sure I didn't do a very good job either! Jeremy does it for us. I am very lucky. :)

andi said...

A girl after my own heart! Adorable pictures. Remind her of this in a couple of years. :)

Denise said...

Please send her to my house next! Thanks! I know you said you were in Point Clear this week but play date next week....sound good?

3girlsmom said...

Such beautiful children! Please send her to my house next to teach my kids how to clean without being asked. I'd appreciate it.

nancygrayce said...

Oh, wow! You'd better keep her! What a wonderful thing to have a child who loves dusting.....I hate dusting! Unfortunately so did my children...hmmmmmm, I wonder if they dust their own houses now??

papa said...

proof that the art of dusting also skips a generation....A/C is - after all - the granddaughter of the 'dusting queen'