Tuesday, March 9, 2010

March Madness

Let the craziness begin....a busy month is in the forecast. I just got back from a girls' weekend at the beach. We went to run the Seaside 5K on Sunday morning, but our husbands let us slip away on Friday afternoon to make a weekend out of it. The weather was gorgeous. A nice break from all the cold that we've had the last several weeks. Also a nice change from last year's race day weather...which was MISERABLY cold. (Remember the Sunday, March 1st SNOW of 2009??) So cold that we ran the race, got in the car, and left. This year we were able to stick around and enjoy the fun Seaside atmosphere. We missed some of our friends from last year but are counting on them to be back in it next year. You got that C and D??

Steve sent these pictures to my phone while I was away to let me know what they were up to...art anyone?

We've got a few trips coming up...one involving a continuing education conference for me, and another (much more exciting) involving airplanes and a big boat. A BIG SURPRISE for the girls. I can't wait. Flying with two small children makes me a little nervous, so I would LOVE your prayers for safe travel. And finally, near the end of the month, back to back birthdays. The big 35 for me, and Anna Clare turns 7 the next day.

My parents and sister are returning home tonight from a mission trip in Costa Rica. We can't wait to have them home and hear all about it. Happy March! Spring is in the air!

P.S. Furball's name is Ollie...taken from a line in the movie "Annie." He's doing great!


Melissa said...

Love that big t-shirt smock! Glad you were able to enjoy a little mommy time this weekend! Can't wait to find out more about your trips. Sounds like fun! I always take Tracy & Matthew & Luke on my FBLA trips. They go and do fun stuff while I'm in meetings, and then they're waiting for me when I have free time. I am not a fan of traveling by myself!

Denise said...

It will be a busy but a fun month. Can't wait to see you guys the end of the month! MSN is dying to see Co. I like the name Ollie. It works.