Friday, April 9, 2010

And so it was Easter

Remember this? Well, Anna Clare informed me the day before Easter that she thought she just might go down front at church the next morning and tell our pastor she wanted to be baptized. I thought to myself that Easter would be a perfect day for her to profess her faith, but I dared not say much:) She had told us this a few times before but always decided that it just wasn't the right time. God knew when the right time was, however, and His timing is always just right.

I knew her wheels were turning when, between Sunday School and church, she said, "I don't want to sit in the balcony, but if we do sit in the balcony, how will I get down front?" I love that child.

She chose the 2nd row, front and center. So there we sat. When she didn't leave the service for children's church, I thought "this may just be the day." And, sure enough, as soon as the invitational hymn began, she was off. She slipped quietly past us and walked right up to the pastor all by herself. We could not have been more proud.

I thought it was pretty funny that, as intimidating as going in front of an entire congregation can be, she chose Easter of the most crowded Sundays of the year. I suspect God giggled a bit at that as well. We are absolutely thrilled and cannot wait for her upcoming baptism.

After church, we had lunch at my parents' house and the girls hunted eggs. Then we came home and all took naps, except for Anna Clare, who watched episodes from Season One of The Brady Bunch (she is such my child...that was my absolute favorite show growing up). We ended the afternoon with a family walk through the neighborhood, enjoying the fantastic weather.

Best. Easter. Ever.


Lydia said...

Congrats to your precious girl! That is just wonderful! Please tell AC how proud we are of her. Glad it was a Blessed Easter!

Lindsey said...

I forgot to tell you that Jeremy teared up Sunday morning when she walked down there! He will probably be embarassed for me telling that. :)

Denise said...

so exciting. I hate that we weren't there to witness it! She makes me proud!

Heather H said...

praise God! i'm so happy for her, you ... everyone. what a precious girl.

Anonymous said...!!! love her so much! so proud of her and only hope that we can let His light shine through us and onto our children the way that you and steve have done to yours.