Thursday, November 18, 2010


Although I intended to post pictures from our trip to the mountains next, I also realize how many, many events from the last year I have NOT posted. Soooo, in honor of my baby girl turning three and a half TODAY, I am posting some pictures from her "Splish Splash Birthday Bash" back in May.

Seems no one wants to open their eyes for a picture. Can you tell AC slept in braids.? W.O.W.

My friend Mandy made this ADORABLE banner.

Steve's mom made the sand pail cakes and my mom made the snorkel girl cake.

My cousin Wendy caught her in the middle of a complete change of clothes (shocker!) right in the center of the den mid-party and grabbed her camera. Wendy so graciously took all the really GREAT pictures...I took the others:) She sent me a whole file of them, which was the best birthday gift ever! Thanks, Wendy!!

Happy late birthday, sweet Owen! Sorry it took me 6 months!


Melissa said...

LOVE that second picture...looks like she's saying, "Come on, we HAVE to do this?" Ha! Love those cakes too! Such a cute, cute idea! I don't know why, but she just seems so much older than Luke to me, and they're only 6 months apart! He'll be 3 on the 29th.

kkd said...

This is my favorite post so far! Happy Birthday Owen even though it's 6 mos late! She is absolutely precious in every single picture! I also like your new blog layout and that pic at the top is perfect!