Friday, April 15, 2011

From the Mountains to the Beach

(This is a cell phone picture post:) It's Spring Break! And it's almost over! The week before Spring Break I traveled to beautiful Colorado Springs, CO, for a training conference for Community Bible Study. I left on Friday afternoon and got home Wednesday night. There were lots of ducks to get in a row before I left, but once I made it it was absolutely incredible. Several days packed with excellent information, enthusiastic, gracious trainers, precious, precious people, praise and worship, wonderful food, beautiful creation (the above picture was taken from my balcony) and quiet time with the Lord.

While I was in Colorado I missed the CBS end-of-the-year children's program. I heard they were precious and had this picture in my inbox to prove it:)

The day before we left we had a few hours of free time. Two other girls and I traveled to Garden of the Gods at the recommendation of some people who had been to Colorado Springs before.

It was breathtaking. Words nor pictures can describe what we saw. One of the girls has promised to email me some of her pictures so hopefully I can share more later. The entire trip was wonderful. I came back blessed and refreshed (and a bit overwhelmed witht the task at hand). I am looking forward to seeing God continue to work in this ministry.

I was so excited to get back to these girls and their Daddy though. A friend invited us down to the beach for a few days so we packed up and headed out.

The weather was gorgeous! Blue skies and breezy (but the water was FREEZING)! Owen begged me to get in the ocean with her but I absolutely could not do it. Just wetting my feet made me squeal!

We got back Thursday afternoon and have been pretty lazy today. We did venture out today to pick out a swimsuit and towel for this project. If you haven't participated yet, let me encourage you to do so. The girls really enjoyed picking out a new suit and towel for a special child to receive. If you are local, you can drop it off here.

Also, Steve killed turkey #4. I am told that 5 is the limit so we are holding out for that 5th one (or for April 30th...whichever comes first).

Look closely and you can see Flat Stanley in that picture. He has accompanied us everywhere on our Spring Break travels for a reading project for Anna Clare's class.

And finally, we found out Wednesday that Scott and Laura are having a GIRL!!

We are so thrilled to be welcoming Mason Ford into the world in May and then Emma Scott in September. A year full of baby blessings!


Melissa said...

Welcome home, world traveler! :-) Colorado photos are gorgeous! I have beach fever BAD! I also have spring break more week until spring break for us. I'm just ready for school to be out for the summer! We've done Flat Stanley twice. Once we had to send him to someone in another town and they had to answer some questions and take pictures. This time, we sent him to one person, then that person sends him on to the next, etc., and each person sends back pictures. It's been fun!

kkd said...

Glad you enjoyed your time away in CO and then fun times to follow at the beach with girls. And that dang Steve, I hope he gets number 5 this week. :)

Williams said...

Definitely a year full of baby blessings. ;) Very exciting. Fun pictures.