Sunday, December 18, 2011

Walk Through Bethlehem

Our neighbors' church hosted Walk Through Bethlehem this weekend. They have been working on it for months and months. She asked me a few weeks ago if Steve, Benton, and I could play Joseph, Baby Jesus, and Mary for a shift. At first I was hesitant because it just sounded like something that would completely stress me out. What if it was freezing? The event was outside and he would only be 4 weeks old. What if he screamed the whole time? What if he had a blow out in the manger? What would we do with the girls?

Then I thought about how hard their church had been working and what a wonderful ministry this was and how we would never again have this opportunity with our sweet little boy so I told her we would love to do it.

And I am SO GLAD WE DID IT. It was an awesome event. It was packed with people. So packed, in fact, that we had several friends and family (including my parents) that came but had to leave due to the 1.5-2 hour wait. My parents brought a group from their church that included lots of children and they just felt like it would be best if they went to a drive-through nativity that another local church was hosting rather than wait that long with small children. Our shift was only 1.5 hours but we were so blessed. In the manger scene, the people crowded around to see Baby Jesus and the shepherds sang "O Come All Ye Faithful" It got me every time. I cannot even fathom how Mary must have felt on that sacred night.

 I left my camera at home but we were able to snap some quick photos with my phone in between groups.

And I have to say Benton was a complete angel. He never made a peep and slept though the entire thing. During the 1st group, he gave a little half smile in his sleep when the shepherds starting singing, and it was the sweetest thing I've ever seen. Several people came right up to him and asked us if he was real because he looked like a little baby doll. And he did NOT have a blow out in the manger. (On the way to the church I was praying out loud for the events of the night and prayed specifically that he would not. When I finished praying, Steve laughed at me and said "Well, if he does, it will be holy crap." I had to laugh.
The weather was perfect, actually unusually hot for this time of year. GG was here to keep Owen, and a sweet friend transported AC to and from a birthday party. As usual, God took care of all the details.

Steve said we need to have another baby next year just so we might have the chance to be in it again. Kidding!


Denise said...

man, i'm so sad i missed it!!

kkd said...

Yay to making precious memories with that sweet sleeping baby!!!!! Love the pic of the three of you and son hate I missed it!

Jaime Money said...

This just made me cry. You and Steve are such great role models for Dave and me. I feel so blessed to be a part of your family. Love you all so much! What a sweet post.

Jamie said...

What a wonderful, once in a lifetime experience! Thanks for sharing. Your son is absolutely beautiful, I mean, handsome! Can't wait to see him!