Sunday, January 22, 2012

Benton's Birth Story-Pictures!

In completely random order...

The first thing Dr. Nicholls said was, "He's a big boy!"  And he was!

Let me get my hands on him!

First pic as a family of five :)

The girls' hands on their sweet baby brother

Proud Big Sisters!

Love this one

Daddy and his son

Letting friends know he was here!

KK and Benton

"the Papa face"

Sweet Aunt Erin

Not sure what Anna Clare was thinking here :)

I didn't cry when he was born. I felt nothing but pure joy but didn't cry. In fact, I didn't cry when the girls were born either, which is surprising because I cry at the drop of a hat. But that first night when they brought Benton to me to nurse about midnight and Steve was sleeping soundly on that oh-so-comfortable hospital couch, I held my sweet baby boy and sobbed. I still tear up just thinking about it. I cried and cried and just kept thanking God over and over for this precious gift. A gift that I didn't know if we'd ever have and one that I certainly didn't deserve. I cried in praise and thanksgiving and joy and happiness. May God always receive the glory for Benton's precious life.

Be back with some very eventful happenings while we were in the hospital and some going home pics!


kkd said...

What beautiful pictures and what a blessing he is and you all are to him!! PS. Your hair is beyond silky and makes me a bit jealous! :)

Wanting What I Have said...

What precious pictures! Love that shot of y'all as a fam of five! :) He is a precious gift, indeed! Ditto
On kkd's comment...your hair is gorgeous!

Melody said...

Such sweet pictures! I felt the same way when Charlie was born. I couldn't believe God had allowed us this gift one more time. To God be the Glory; Great Things He Has Done!!!

Denise said...

Since I only had c sections this is foreign to did you manage to look so good right after birth???? O is a girl after my own heart, always trying to get a hand on that baby.