Friday, May 18, 2012

Owen is Five!

We have a very happy and tired five-year-old tonight! It has been a full, fun day, starting with Omnifit (for me, not her:) followed by a little scooter/bike riding in the driveway.

Benton Boy got his 1st taste of ice cream

Chick-Fil-A with some sweet friends...
It was COLD!

Nails polished in pink and green...
Sweet Mary Selwyn gave Owen the most PRECIOUS scrapbook of the two of them you have ever seen.  They have been best friends since meeting at VBS at FBC 4 years ago!  Thank you Mary Selwyn AND Denise!!  What a treasure!

And topping it off with the restaurant of her choice...LaParilla. Are my kids the only ones who choose Mexican for their birthdays? She ordered chicken fingers but just wants to "wear the hat and get ice cream on her nose"?!

My mom and sister met us there with the Barbie cake they made at her request. Thank you KK and Aunt Erin!

And then the birthday girl and her big sister went to spend the night with my parents. They were SO excited! They've got to be back early though. Tomorrow is a big day. Owen's first dance recital!
Happy Birthday to our Virginia Owen! We love you to the moon and back!

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Melissa said...

Happy belated birthday to Owen! My kids have never asked for Mexican on their birthdays, but we sure love LaParilla!