Saturday, June 9, 2012

Benton's Baby Dedication

We dedicated our sweet baby boy to the Lord last Sunday at church. These pictures are a combination of ones that my sister took and some that my cousin Wendy took. So thankful to them for capturing this sweet service in pictures. Benton was a complete ham. We recorded the service on DVR at home and watched it later that day. He smiled and laughed through the whole thing. At one point people were laughing and I was horrified that Owen was picking her nose. Because she does. All. the. time. But I saw on TV later that they were laughing at Baby B! (Thank you, Owen for refraining.) He wore the same gown that both girls wore. I had it made when I was pregnant with Anna Clare. Since we didn't know if Anna Clare was a boy or a girl, I told Mrs. Elizabeth, the sweet lady that made it, not to make it too lacy or fru-fru in case it was a boy. I absolutely love it and think she did a beautiful job. Steve loved it too, until he realized that his son would be wearing it. He was a really good sport about it considering I told him he didn't have a choice :) Although when we were dressing Benton at the church before the service, he said, "My son is wearing a slip. This is so wrong." He asked our pastor if they could play, "Bad to the Bone," when we walked in with Benton. He told me yesterday that he really wished he had thought to ask our friend Stephen, who plays keyboard in our praise band, to actually have played it. He said, "You know it would've been funny. Would you have been mad?" I just looked at him. There were no words. It was such a special service with our family and friends all around us to witness. Words cannot express how thankful we are to God for this precious gift. It is our prayer that he walks in God's love and truth all the days of his life and that he has a hunger for Jesus and a desire to be obedient and live in real relationship with Him. This is the dedication gown. Mrs. Elizabeth embroidered a "T" at the bottom of it and all three children's monograms along with the date of each service. It is so special to me!


Anna Clare Thompson- July 27, 2003

Virginia Owen Thompson-October 28, 2007

Benton Money Thompson-June 3, 2012

Thanks to my mom, my sister, GG, and Nick, we had a wonderful lunch at our house after church. Our home was filled with family, food, and fellowship. It was perfect. I'm so sad that I never even picked up my camera after church. I have no pictures of the food, the delicious blueberry cake, the fine china and crystal, and most importantly, the people! Oh well, I have the memories. Thankfully, my cousin Wendy was there and her husband John went to the car after lunch and grabbed hers. She took these beauties with our children, the cousins, just playing around in Benton's nursery. Thank you, Wendy! These are priceless! This verse came to mind so many times on Sunday. "I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth." 3 John 1:4 Please, Lord let it be. For all three.

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kkd said...

Loved being there for such a special occassion. He looked like an angel and the entire family was beautiful. I'm still upset that I opted out on BB cake.