Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Love Dolly!

Dolly was Anna Clare's first doll. My friend Katie brought her to the hospital when she was born. We are very original when it comes to naming dolls at our house:) Dolly has now been passed on to Owen and when you say "Love Dolly", she buries her head into her and loves on her. It is too cute! I can't believe how much she is growing and developing! We tell her to "patty cake" and she gives a big grin and starts clapping her hands together. This should all seem very normal to me since it is our 2nd child. But with AC being 4 when Owen was born, I had forgotten so many of the little things. My favorite thing is to sneak into her room when she has woken up and is sitting in her crib playing. As soon as she spots me (or Steve) she grins, stands up in anticipation, and makes you feel like the most needed person in the world. Motherhood is such an indescribable joy! I thank God for how he has blessed me with this wonderful family and pray for His guidance in raising these girls. Looking forward to Easter!


frances said...

I bet Dolly gets a lot of love around your house! I just got home from a shower on your street. I ran into some friends who were going to Wendy's shower afterwards. Hope y'all had fun. One more day till Spring Break 08! Wooo Hooo!

Heather H said...

WE HAVE DOLLY TOO!!! The exact same one ... and my Annie Catherine sleeps with her every night. HOW WeiRD IS THAT?

I thought it was hilarious that we just call her "dolly". But, if you look at her tag ... it's just 'dolly'. :)

So glad to find you. Your kiddos are gorgeous.