Wednesday, March 26, 2008

5 Years Old!!!

I cannot believe it has been five years ago today since Anna Clare was born. Time has passed in the blink of an eye. She is way too grown-up and prissy! She used to blow me a kiss when she got out of the car at school everyday, and now she wants to do it in the car so she won't be embarrassed! How sad! I better just get used to it....I'm sure it will get a lot worse! She has been so excited all day. We are taking her out to eat Mexican after t-ball practice (her choice) so she can load up on cheese dip and wear a big sombrero! Her party was the day before Easter at the gymnastics place. The girls had a great time, and Baby Sister loved having free reign of the gym to get into everything. We had a wonderful Easter. Praise the Lord, He is Risen! After a beach trip for spring break, a birthday party, Easter, my birthday yesterday, and AC's today, we are exhausted! But it has been such a super week!

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frances said...

I cannot believe AC is already 5! I don't think Owen was too happy about sitting in her Easter basket. (cute pic, though) I love their dresses. Did you make them? Y'all are very blessed!