Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A Good Movie and A Good Rain

My friend Christy and I went to see Made of Honor tonight. I love to go to the movies but Steve and I rarely go because of having to get a babysitter and all that. So I thought a weeknight movie with a friend sounded great. It was hilarious! We were the only two in the theater (or so we thought - when it was over, we saw a man by himself in the back). So we could laugh and laugh and not worry about anyone around us. I will definitely be renting it when it comes out. Minimal bad language (I will never understand why writers feel compelled to throw that in when the movie is just as good without it) but other than that...great. When we came out of the theater, we discovered that it was POURING!!! We died laughing because we had no umbrella and knew we just had to make a run for it. Christy took her shoes off because,believe you me, if someone would fall, it would be her. She tripped in my foyer once holding a giant Circle E candle and busted the candle (and made a nice little dent in my hardwood floor). In fact, when she picked me up tonight, Steve told her not to trip on the dent in the floor on her way out! All in good fun! So we ran for it (I'm terrified of getting struck by lightening so I'm praying all the way to the car) and get in the car soaked and laughing hysterically. I will say, I was so thankful for this good rain (and that I was going straight home due to my appearance).


Christy said...

Can I just say again that that was the BEST movie! We need to plan a regular movie night minus the rain and near death by electrocution. Also, I can remember a few times when you have busted it yourself! Does the First Pres. parking lot ring any bells? I am so glad you have a husband who forgives your friends when they cause damage to your home. I'm still waiting on the bill to come in the mail.

Lindsey said...

I'm glad you got to see the movie since you mentioned wanting to this week. I didn't even know it was still playing!

andi said...

I loved the movie and found it hilarious! Don't you love going to the movies with a bud? I wish I could have seen the 100 yard dash to the car!
I loved your comments on my blog! :) The boys play during the first part or watch a show and then they swap. We have the playroom which really helps! During the school year, we clean on Saturdays so Ben can do yard work with the boys and he helps too if I need him to. I would LOVE to talk cleaning at the pool. I am such a nerd. You all have a great night!