Sunday, April 26, 2009


We are about halfway through out 2nd year of t-ball. The games are so much fun to watch. You never know which way a child may run or what they're going to be doing in the outfield. They are so cute! I am so glad AC decided to play again this year. I am betting this will be the last year of her baseball career:) She doesn't LOVE t-ball. If it weren't for the "tagging," I think she would. She despises being tagged. I think she got tagged pretty hard last year at a game and has not forgotten it. She even asked me at the beginning of this season if "they were going to be tagging again this year?"

We did discover this year that she can bat right or left, which is pretty neat. She prefers left.

Proudly wearing her Daddy's high school number again this year

I can hear her thinking to herself, "If I run fast enough, I won't get tagged!"

Her Daddy is 3rd base coach, which is her most favorite thing about t-ball. Make that her second favorite. She thinks the best part is the free coke after the game!

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andi said...

My guys LOVE the pepsi after the game....big time! Love the pictures!!!!