Monday, November 30, 2009


This is what Monday looks like around here. We try not to leave the house except to take Anna Clare to school. Pretty much anything goes...especially in the fashion department. (This "dress" is actually a blanket tied around this princess. She had already changed out of pajamas, a mix matched shirt and pants, and a Cinderella dress-up gown). Going from a child who has never cared about what she wore and would not balk at anything I dressed her in to one who is obsessed with her clothes at all times has been quite an adjustment. I will never again laugh to myself when I hear a mom say that their 2-year-old is determined to pick out their own clothes. I am choosing my battles!

Today it is all about Guess Who (don't tell Sissy) and beating her own record for how-many-outfits-can-I-get-by-with-today-before-Mommy-loses-it. I am catching up on a little cleaning and laundry from our many Thanksgiving travels. (We had a wonderful Thanksgiving. All those hours in the car were so worth seeing all of our family and especially my grandparents who are 88 and 89 and will be celebrating 68 years of marriage in June).

Hoping to get lights and ornaments on the tree tonight! Happy Monday!


Denise said...

I love it!

andi said...

LOVE it!!!! Hang in there! You are right! We have to pick our battles!!!!!
What a gift to have both of your sweet grandparents!