Wednesday, December 16, 2009

What I Want For Christmas

Meet Vivi.

Isn't she adorable? Vivi is the child we sponsor through Compassion International . We found Vivi through their website and began sponsoring her Christmas 2006. She is Anna Clare's age and lives in Indonesia with her parents and younger brother. I have mentioned Vivi before in this post. It has been such a blessing to our family to read her letters, enjoy her artwork, and watch her grow. Her mother calls us "Uncle Steve and Family" cute is that?

This Christmas Compassion put together the "What I Want For Christmas" program to help the children on their waiting list find a sponsor family. Anna Clare wanted to participate so we requested an information kit.

Meet James

*I am having computer issues yet again-completely my fault this time- and am posting from my sister's Mac that I know nothing about. Please tilt head to get a better look at James:)

James is our "Christmas Child." Another cutie. He lives in The Philippines with his parents. His duties at home include helping in the kitchen, running errands and cleaning. His father is sometimes employed and his mother is sometimes employed (the packet doesn't say what type of employment...Vivi's father is a farmer). As part of Compassion's ministry, James participates in church activities and Vacation Bible School. He is also in primary school, and his favorite activities are singing, art, and walking. James is 11 years old. We would love to find him a sponsor in time for Christmas. He has been uniquely assigned to our family through December 31. If not, we will just keep praying because God most definitely has a plan for this child. For more information visit this link.

Would you please pray for James and children like him to find a sponsor, to be surrounded by God's love, to be safe, and to come to know Jesus? It sure would make Anna Clare a happy little girl to know you are praying:)

Merry Christmas!

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