Thursday, January 27, 2011

Daddy's Other Little Hunter

Steve took Owen "hunting" last Sunday afternoon. I am not sure how much hunting they actually did. It mostly involved a lot of riding around in the truck "farming," walking through the woods, and bonfires. (She also informed me that she got to "tee-tee in the woods A LOT" and she found this to be super fun) He sent me pictures from his cell phone and I loved it!

I think it's safe to say she loved it too...a whole lot more than her sister did.

I don't think I have mentioned lately how much I love my husband but I am so ready for bow season to be over only a few more days I think I can make it.

And now for the really exciting news.......

Laura and Scott are expecting their 1st baby in September!! Yes, this is my brother and sister-in-law who got married in July. Yes, my other brother and sister-in-law are having a baby boy in May. Yes, this means Christmas this year will be so much fun with two sweet tiny babies! Yes, we are beyond EXCITED!!


Denise said...

I could have guessed O would have liked hunting. Looks like a fun time but I bet it wasn't very quiet. Babies everywhere will be so fun.

Lydia said...

Oh my goodness! Tommy took Jacob on his first hunting trip last weekend too! I've been debating about posting b/c I didn't want to get ribbed about letting him take our 3 y/o hunting! I am definitely doing a blog post about it now!!
So glad Owen had fun! That's such special time with Daddy!!

Melissa said...

Awww...this may turn into her and Daddy's special "thing" to do. The part about tee-teeing in the woods is hilarious. Luke LOVES to "go" outside...I thought maybe it was just a boy thing!