Saturday, March 26, 2011

Birthday Weekend

We had a birthday-celebratin' weekend around here. I turned 36 on Friday and we loaded up with some friends and headed to the Log Cabin.

It's just across the state line and we highly recommend it. Steve and I had not been in several years but we will definitely be going back. They have excellent seafood, steaks, burgers, and lots of other stuff. We were missing some friends, but it was opening night for baseball. It was a great night with great friends, and Steve and I were still laughing the next day!

And then...Anna Clare turned 8 today!!

We went to her favorite Mexican restaurant, and the girls gorged themselves on cheese dip as usual:)

Then we came home and sang to her again while she blew out the candles on the Butterfinger cake that my mom made her...

We celebrated her birthday last Friday night with a slumber/pool party at a local hotel. She and her friend Claire have birthdays just a few days apart so we did a combined party.

It really turned out to be a great party! They had the indoor pool and hot tub pretty much to themselves.

This little fish seemed to enjoy the pool as much as anyone.

She must have jumped in at least 50 times!

Then we had pizza and cake...

And it was back for more swimming.

This little girl wore herself out and went home with her Daddy for a good night's rest.

Then we went upstairs and hung out in the two suites we had. They thought staying in a hotel was super fun and we only had 1 noise complaint! (I just happened to overhear a nice couple telling the desk clerk that they had been trying to get to sleep since 8 and the room next door was extra noisy. I apologized to them and assured them we would quiet down right away :) They were asleep by 11:00 and slept till 7:00 or 7:30 the next morning, which I thought was not too shabby! Then they went downstairs and tore into the hotel breakfast!

For party favors, we gave the girls a noodle for the pool and these pillowcases. We ironed a group pool picture on them and they took turns signing each others. It was a really fun and easy party!

Happy 8th Birthday Anna Clare! I love you so much-y with all my heart-y (just a little something we like to say to each other:)


kkd said...

SO much fun Friday night!! Happy Happy Birthday to my sweet friend and precious AC too! Love all the pics and that was one cool b'day party. O thinks she is just as big too. Love it.

Nikki B said...

you have such a beautiful family! Your girls are so pretty. Happy birthday!

Anonymous said...

Fun birthday stuff! I love AC's swimsuit. And that cake is too cute.

Denise said...

Tell AC she had better of saved me some of that butterfinger cake... that is my fave. yum. Happy birthday to all.

Melissa said...

Looks like everybody had fun! We love LaParrilla, too!