Monday, March 7, 2011

Last Week

Thank you all so much for your prayers for our family. We are so thankful for them. We made a quick trip to the other side of the state for my granddaddy's funeral. Even though it was under sad circumstances, it was so good to see aunts, uncles, cousins, and especially my Mema.

Unfortunately my expectations were for a bit too high for a three-year-old when it comes to a funeral. Although I had crayons and a coloring book, Owen was quite disruptive pretty early into the service. I made the choice to take her outside, and the moment we walked out, the sadness was overwhelming. Sadness, not only for the loss of my grandaddy, but for missing his funeral which including hearing my Daddy speak. Owen and I sat on the curb of the mortuary having our own little pity party. She was crying because I was crying. Steve was a pallbearer so he wasn't sitting with us, and I should've asked someone ahead of time if they would take care of her should the need arise. Anyway, hindsight...

After the graveside service (during which my brother played "I'll Fly Away" on his guitar and we were all incredibly moved as we sang along), a group of sweet ladies fed all of the family a delicious lunch at my grandparents' church. We then spent some time with my grandmother and it was so good just to hug her and see her sweet smile. Mema and June-June's favorite song was Tennessee Waltz and at their 60th wedding anniversary, my brother played it on his guitar while they danced. During this trip, I learned that June-June took a radio over to Mema's room a few weeks ago, got her up and danced with her to their favorite song. Sweetness.

We went by my grandparents' house to look around at old "stuff" and visit with my parents, brothers, and sisters-in-law a little more before everyone started heading separate ways.

The girls had an absolute blast with their cousins. Anna Clare cried when we left, and we promised them all to get together more often. And I cried again on the way home. I guess being with family you don't see enough and then having to say good-bye does that to you, or it does to me anyway:)

On Saturday the four of us participated in the Juvenile Diabetes Walk in honor of our sweet friend Lydia, who is one brave little princess.

It was a great turnout despite the rain and all the kids were so precious in their "Team Lydia" t-shirts.

And since everyone in my house is fast asleep, I think I will join them! Night Night!


Melissa said...

Oh, Kristen...this sweet post has moved me almost to tears. Maybe it's because I find myself thinking back to similar times in my own life. I especially know that bittersweet feeling of seeing all your family, then leaving again...I've even cried on the way home from our family reunion! Glad you had a safe trip and a good visit with all your relatives, in spite of the circumstances.

kkd said...

I'm crying. What a sweet post about your family and the "last dance"! Thanks for the Team Lydia support. We are very lucky to have such special friends. Night.

Denise said...

This made me sweet!!

nur azielah said...

your picture put me into tears.. what a happy family..