Saturday, March 24, 2012

Phone Pics

2nd grade Egyptian Feast last spring

Steve and Anna Clare took a little canoe trip down the river last summer...Owen though she was going too.

Owen realizes she is not going.  This summer, sweet girl!

An excerpt from a Bible Sudy that Anna Clare and her friend Olivia created. Melts my heart!

Owen playing Bingo in my dress as a Little Miss Abbeville contestant.  Maybe Bingo is her talent?

4P "T" party at preschool in September

Owen went to Spring Farm Day with her friend Claire and they sent me this pic

Love them!

AC did this and I have absolutely no idea how

Minky dot madness

The girls put a flower behind his ear and called him, Benina.  Bless the poor boy's heart.

Family movie night watching Aladdin

Our Christmas card

Benton's birth announcement on the other side

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~k said...

My office mates think I am crazy because I just laughed SO long and SO hard at that Bingo picture! I was thinking before I read the caption that it looked like MY gold taffeta Little Miss Houston County contestant dress!!!! and then the talent comment- HA!!!!! I am dying!
Great pictures of everyone!!!