Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Owen's Birthday Celebration

Whew! July has been a busy month! I will do my best to catch up a bit and see how far I can get before Benton wakes up from his nap.
Owen asked if she could go to the American Girl store in Atlanta instead of having a party for her 5th birthday this year. Since we were going practically right by there on our way to Ellijay, GA, for a mountain weekend with my family, we planned a belated birthday party for the first weekend in July.
She had a ball. Both girls saved their birthday money from their grandparents to purchase their own doll and after picking them out, we headed in for lunch.
GG and I took Anna Clare to the store for her Christmas gift when she was five and had the most wonderful overnight experience. But since we were headed to the mountains, we decided on the birthday celebration in the Bistro.
They presented her with a pink cake with candles, ice cream and a Happy Birthday serenade.
The men were troopers :)
It was a wonderful day and we left with two new family members, Emily (Owen's choice), and McKenna for Anna Clare. I have so much more to share but Benton is awake and crying so it will have to wait:)

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kkd said...

Precious b'day girl with her cute big sis and new baby dolls! Looks like a sweet time! The expressions on your TL's face in those pics are priceless. Love y'all!