Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Mountain Weekend

After we left the AG store we headed to Ellijay, GA, where my dad rented a cabin for the weekend to celebrate his and my mom's 40th wedding anniversary and her belated 60th birthday.
Both of my brothers, SILs, and niece and nephew came, along with my sister and her boyfriend, Bryan. I cannot believe I did not get one single picture of any of them. I didn't take many at all in fact :(
The cabin was perfect and we had deer in our front yard several times a day!
Even though we were in the mountains it was just as hot as it was at home so we drove down to the river to cool off.
Benton's first time in the river!
He loved it! He splashed and splashed and had the best time.
We didn't do this, but it sure looked like fun...
After that, baby boy was worn OUT!
Saturday night, my brothers, sister, and I were in charge of dinner. My two SILs had some great ideas and we decorated the table as a surprise for my parents.
We kicked them out to go check out the town while we got everything ready.
My brother made a play list of songs from the year they got married (1972) and had it playing when they came in. There were some great songs from that year!
Dancing to the tunes of 1972...
My dad had this made for my mom :)
Happy Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad! Wishing you 40 more!

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