Sunday, September 16, 2012

Back to School and the Beach!

4th grade for Anna Clare!
So excited about her sweet teacher!
Opening her kindergarten letter
And Kindergarten for Owen!
We are all thrilled that she has the same wonderful teachers Anna Clare had!
She wanted to dress "just like Sissy did when she went to Kindergarten." Anna Clare was so proud she ran and grabbed this picture and asked me to take their pic. :)
Whew! I'm only about a month late posting those. Between getting everything ready for the children's program at CBS to tackling a twice-a-year consignment sale and tagging clothes every free chance I got, the last few weeks have been CRAZY! But all that tagging will be worth it soon I hope. I've been saving for a surprise for the girls for over a year. I can't say just yet because Anna Clare gets on here occasionally but I think they will love it!

 And an update on Steve...We went to the neurologist in Birmingham and things went really well. They squeezed us in for a same day MRI and it and the blood work all came back normal. Praise the Lord from whom all blessings flow! The doctor offered to leave him on his current medication and dosage or switch him back to Tegretol...Steve's choice. He decided to stay on the Keppra for now. He was afraid he was on a really high dosage but the doctor said it was a very normal dosage. That gave him some peace of mind I think. He also agreed with everything our neurologist is doing here, including doubling his dosage, which was some wonderful affirmation. Should he have any more problems on the Keppra, he will definitely go back to the Tegretol. But as my friend prayed over me last week, we are claiming no more seizures in Jesus' name! Thank you for your prayers. The girls and I have a little trip coming up in the fall and the original plan was for Benton to stay home with Steve. After the seizures I've been VERY anxious and worried about leaving them. But my mom and mother-in-law are coming to help out and I'm so grateful for that. We were able to slip away to the beach this past weekend, and it was very relaxing and refreshing to get away...just out little family of five :) I'll leave you with a few pictures..


kkd said...

School pics are great, especially O in same dress as AC. Can't believe they are getting so big. I will say that I cannot believe you didn't post that Baby B started school and LOVES his new teacher. :) So glad y'all got away for a relaxing beach weekend. Love y'all!

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