Friday, August 24, 2012

9 months

Unbelievable that three-fourths of his first year has flown by so quickly!
At his nine month check-up he weighed 20 pounds, 1 ounce (40th percentile) and was (I FORGOT!) but I think 27.5 inches long? (20th percentile...I do remember that for sure because he gets that from his short parents) and head circumference was 50th percentile.
He wears size 9-12 month in clothes and size 3 diapers.
He eats mostly baby food and loves everything and we've given him a little table food too. He can chew it up nicely with the help of his fangs...:)

Hilarious that these two teeth came in before his front ones!
He's crawling all over the place and wants to be down and around!
He is still just as sweet as ever and melts all of our hearts a million times a day.
Gritting her teeth is her love language :)
He is 100% loved by his big sisters and they love playing with him.
Next update from Steve's upcoming neurologist appointment and back to school photos. Kindergarten and 4th grade! They are all growing up way too fast.

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The Skippers said...

I love his top teeth! He is so cute!!