Monday, April 7, 2008

Give me Puffs!!!

This child LOVES Puffs! Maybe it's because she had to wait so long to get them because I was afraid she would choke. I had forgotten that they dissolve as soon as they go in her mouth. I even tried one myself to test the theory. YUCK! At first I was breaking them up and giving her little I just pour them on her tray. AC freaks out and yells, "Mommy, she's eating more than one at a time!" I can get them out of the pantry and start shaking the can and she goes nuts...grinning and bouncing up and down. I won't even think about the nutritional value. They do the trick for a fussy baby. And what do you think she got in her Easter basket? Puffs!

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TheParkers5 said...

Hi- This is Donna Parker from FBC. I had Anna in Wee Worship class yesterday. She is so sweet. My 8 month old loves these puffs too. They are a big help when he is fussy.
Many Blessings