Thursday, February 3, 2011

How's this for completely random?

Steve and I had a hot date a few weeks ago with some friends and my sister snapped this before we left. We had the best time! A delicious dinner and even better fun and conversation! I laughed until I cried.

Speaking of dates, I completely forgot to report on my hunting date with my husband. (HOORAY for February! We are seeing a whole lot more of him and that's the way I like it!)

I took this with my cell phone. See the deer? That's his decoy. We call him Taylor. He can be spotted in our backyard on any given afternoon. We did see two yearling (Is that the right word? Is it supposed to be plural? As you can see I am quite the deer expert. I will just go with it because Steve is not here for me to ask and I don't think I will call him at work with that question). It was extremely peaceful and beautiful and I can totally see the appeal of escaping the chaos of 3 drama queens the quiet.

He also surprised me by bringing along some red wine and cheese which I thought was awfully sweet and romantic. And since I was not handling any firearms, I enjoyed the picnic:)

Completely busted her wedged between some furniture hiding out while scarfing down ice cream.

Check out that getup! Doing her laundry just about sends me over the edge. I do not think there is another child on the planet that changes clothes so many times a day. I am contemplating putting a lock on the outside of her room to keep her out of there! :)

She told me the other day that her nails needed trimming. Now let me go ahead and confess that Steve has always trimmed the girls' nails. Always. Like since birth. Something about putting clippers to those thin newborn nails terrified me so he started doing it then and has always just done it. So when she told me they needed trimming, I told her to bring me the clippers. She turned to go get them, stopped dead in her tracks, and said "Are you allowed to do that?" I laughed so hard for the longest time.

Last year Anna Clare and I went to see Annie at the Fox Theater. It was great! She is thrilled to be participating in her school's production of "Annie" this spring. She is in the orphan chorus and is so excited! And one of my former students was cast as Annie and she will be great! We are really looking forward to the show.

Three more things to wrap up the randomness...

1. I am doing a boot camp twice a week. It's pretty much an hour of torture and I wake up to all different kinds of soreness. But it feels so good when it's over.

2. Steve asked me before Christmas to pick up some blades for his razor. I couldn't find the right ones and was fairly certain they didn't make that particular kind anymore. He informed that he wasn't sure he could switch to a new razor because he had had that one since high school. The SAME razor for TWENTY years! I have never heard of such! So I bought him an electric razor for Christmas (exciting, right?) and he loves it.

3. And last but not least I am happy to report that the girls are over the flu and went back to school today. I also think we may have had the 2 mildest cases known to man. Praise the Lord!!!

Stay warm and healthy!


kkd said...

LOVE the hot date pic and boy, what a fun time! I'm so ready for the next one. Your random post is just what I needed this afternoon, I feel like I've been in a hole this week.

Anonymous said...

1. Wine and cheese would be about the only way to get me to go hunting too.
2. Owen makes me laugh. :)
3. I cannot believe Steve has had the same razor for 20 years. As much of a clean freak and germaphob (have no idea how to spell since I'm pretty sure it's not a real word) that he is? And I say that lovingly b/c you know I'm married to the same kind of man. :)

Anonymous said...

Ok, not sure why my comment posted as anonymous. And in case it does it again, this is Lindsey. :)

Melissa said...

Lots of smiles in this post! The hunting're a good wife! The things we do for our husbands! Mine usually involves hauling cows or moving cows, or handing him tools! Love Owen and the ice cream. Kids are so funny when they're trying to sneak around! Boot're brave! I'm doing Zumba twice a week, and it's a workout, but nothing like boot camp, I'm sure! Glad y'all are over the sickies!