Thursday, February 24, 2011

We took a little trip

We took a little day trip to Auburn last weekend. The first trip for the girls and a trip down Memory Lane for Steve and me.

We packed like we were leaving for a week.

Taking care of the necessities along the way...

When we got into town we stopped for lunch at Niffer's. (Not my all time favorite restaurant from college but kid-friendly and good food) It's a good thing we went straight there because we experienced the 3rd case of "car sickness" with Anna Clare (first in the mountains and then on the way to Tuscaloosa last fall) and made it to the restroom just in time. Bless her. So pitiful :(

Then we headed out to show the girls some of our old favorites.

Grand National...the golf course where Steve and I met.

A little play time on the driving range

Steve's garage apartment where he lived while working in Auburn (His was the one in the back, also known as "the palace" because it was so incredibly fancy)

Told them that Daddy kissed Mommy for the first time standing in that driveway. Anna Clare's response, "Ewwwwwwwwww!"

Next up, some of the places I lived during my college years

Alpha Gam dorm - had such a great time living in that 3rd floor suite on the end

Loved this little duplex on Gay Street where we could walk down to Amsterdam Cafe (which was one of my favorite places...turkey wrap anyone?)

Apartment during grad school on Donahue (right next to Momma G's on Magnolia)

Then we drove around campus (Owen kept asking, "When are we gonna get to camp?")

We parked downtown and walked to Toomer's Corner to see first hand the sad state of the Toomer's Oaks.

And then, of course, headed across the street for a visit to Toomer's Drugstore

Finished off with some Chill yogurt (except for Owen who inhaled a Blue Bell cone at the drugstore)

And then all got naps on the way home, including Steve

Just Kidding

It was such a fun trip with lots of great memories, and I'm so glad we got the chance to go! War Eagle!


mitzi said...

War Eagle!

Denise said...

Very fun trip. I want some of that lemonade right now. Steve sleepin in the car... classic Steve, hilarious.

kkd said...

I hope the trip down memory lane made you and Steve fall in love all over again. :) So much fun and I love O's potty break.

Anonymous said...

Jeremy said there are lots of gas stations between Dothan and Auburn. haha

Melissa said...

What a fun trip! How neat to show the girls your "history". So sad about the Toomer's oaks. :-( And I agree, that potty break was hilarious! Been there, done that, lots of times with my boys!