Friday, August 19, 2011

A great start to school!

1st day of 4P

I am happy to report that both girls have had a wonderful start to the school year. (Thanks for the sweet comments about my last post. I have been so encouraged and our week has been so much better). Anna Clare loves her teacher. She's British and I love to hear her talk. Steve loves to walk around the house imitating a British accent. It's been cracking us up. So far, 3rd grade has been pretty great!

Owen started 4 year old preschool on Wednesday. I convinced her to wear the same dress AC wore on her 1st day of 4P. This was no easy task. It's the cutest little Dick and Jane vintage school print and I love it! Owen decided last minute it just wasn't for her, but I didn't give up quite so easily. With a little sweet talking I pulled it off. However she started bawling when I picked her up in carline when she realized I didn't have a change of clothes in the car for her. Oh my.

She has the same teachers Anna Clare had for 4P and we adore them. We are excited about this year and she loves school. She asked me yesterday why she couldn't go on Saturdays and Sundays! I picked her up today and she proudly informed me that she had earned 5 tickets in 3 days which granted her a prize from the treasure box. I am so proud of her. It could've gone either way :)

Yellow day!

1st day of ballet!

She loves it!

Happy Weekend!


kai said...

SUCH a cute dress, I am so glad she wore it for you.
and her bangs!!!! They are looking great!!! She looks so much like you to me in these.
Glad your week was better.

Melissa said...

These are just precious! Glad the year is off to a good start!

Steve Finnell said...

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