Monday, October 24, 2011

Surprise for Daddy

AC and I ran to the mall tonight and as we passed by Mastercuts I said, "Why don't we get your hair cut?" Steve and I both love a short cut on her and he has been really hinting at her lately that he would love for her to get it cut.

Her response, "Why don't we get my ears pierced instead?" Well, that is a long story in itself and I think I forgot to post on here that a couple of months ago after eating lunch at Picadilly after church and going for a short walk down the mall she stopped abruptly in front of Claire's. "Dad, you're probably gonna laugh at this but I am serious. I just feel like God is telling me that I need to get my ears pierced RIGHT NOW!" Oh goodness!

Later that afternoon, she told us we were disobeying God by not letting her get her ears pierced. It took all we could not to laugh. We are not anti-ear piercing by any means...we are just working on some things with her for which we think ears piercing would be a good reward (i.e. sleeping in her bed all night, attitude,etc.)

So, back to tonight. With a little encouragement, and the promise of a new journal and a new book from Barnes and Noble for making all A's on her report card, she wound up here...

It looks so cute!! And I can't even begin to describe how excited and surprised her Daddy was when we got home. She said, "I probably should've done this in the summer when it was so hot!" think? :)