Sunday, October 2, 2011

Hello, October!

We slipped off to the beach Thursday night for a long weekend. I haven't uploaded pictures from my camera but here are a few from my cell phone.

The weather was absolutely gorgeous, as I'm pretty certain it was at home too. The water was a little too cool for me but that didn't stop the girls or Steve. The ocean was as smooth as glass and we couldn't have asked for a more beautiful weekend for our last trip together as a family of four.

We bid on a couple of beach places at Anna Clare's school auction back in February and somehow ended up with both of them! No complaints here :) So we used one this weekend...just the 4 of us. In fact we stayed at the same place we stayed this time last year.

We are splitting the other beach place soon with some friends and then we will be home for good waiting on baby boy to get here. 6 weeks and counting!

Saturday morning we went to the annual Seaside yard sale and enjoyed browsing through a wide variety of treasures.

Owen scored this not-so-little hair clip and I wish you could have seen her priss around after she put it in. And AC walked away happy as can be with a $1 bracelet. We ate at the Red Bar Friday night (with only a 30 minute wait) and just so happened upon friends Janet and Gary who asked us to sit with them. I hated to intervene on their date but we thoroughly enjoyed our dinner with them.

Saturday night we stayed in and watched football and got Angelina's pizza and before long we looked up and saw this...

We had a wonderfully relaxing family weekend and now it's time to get busy in the nursery! So much left to do and not so much time. I am super excited about my new mobile that I bought at Bellamia...

AND even more excited that we finally have a name for this little one!

Benton Money Thompson

It's a very long story, but Ben has always been my boy name for as long as I can remember. Benton is a name Steve and I both liked and felt was a good compromise. The plan is to call him Benton, but we have the option to drop it to Ben if we decide. And Money is my maiden name. Very different, but also very significant and meaningful to both of us. So, check that off the list! :) Whew!

Happy October and Happy Fall Weather!


Melissa said...

Looks like a perfect weekend! I love the baby's name. I like names that are meaningful or family names. Can't believe Benton's going to be here so soon!

bellamia said...

yay for the beach!
yay for the mobile!
ya for the name!

Precious! Can't wait to meet this little boy :)

mitzi said...

I have a friend from high school and AU who was a Benton; we called him Ben. To this day is he a wonderful person. Random thought but support for a solid guys name. Love compromise.

Melanie said...

Benton!!!!! Precious!!!!

The Skippers said...

Love the mobile!! Looks like fun. The name is awesome!!