Sunday, August 5, 2012

A boy and his Wubba, Gracie Girl, and a setback

As you can tell, that boy loves his Wubba! It's called a WubbaNub and my sister-in-law gave it to us when I was pregnant.  If we lose it, we are in big trouble. He has another one with a different animal but it is clearly not the same.  Wubba was in the washing machine the other night, and Steve told me to retrieve it mid-cycle because he was so unsettled.  He finds great comfort in rubbing the little animals head.  It's already looking worn, so I can only imagine what it will be looking like in the future.

I had a friend call a few weeks ago that had a friend who needed a baby swing and wanted to see if we were ready to let ours go. I snapped a few pics before we said goodbye :(
And meet, Gracie, Steve's new squirrel hunting dog.
He is in love. I'm glad he's got a new friend after losing his buddy Wilson last November.
And a prayer request...
Steve had another seizure three weeks ago. I just haven't felt like writing about it. It was a very disappointing setback, but God's provision was all around us. Steve was taking a nap on the couch on a Sunday afternoon, Anna Clare was watching a movie, Owen was at GG's, and Benton was asleep in his crib. I picked up my purse and was literally walking to the door to go to Target when I heard a thud. I thought he must've fallen off the couch and I walked into the den and found him in the middle of a seizure. I told Anna Clare to call our neighbor, who is a nurse, and she did. He came down and helped me and stayed until Steve came out of it. I was so proud of Anna Clare. She was so calm and only became upset when Steve woke up so confused. I sent her down to the neighbors, but we've since discussed protocol in case it were to happen again and I'm not at home. Such a big girl. The effects did not seem to be nearly as bad this time. Steve was obviously scared and upset but his body recovered much more quickly. I can't begin to describe how thankful we are that he and I were both home when it happened. But I've also been frustrated, disappointed, scared, emotional, and exhausted. Five months had passed since the last one and I was certain beyond certain that he was never going to have another one. The scariest thing is that he has taken his medication faithfully the last five months. This time he was doing everything right. His neurologist has doubled his medication, and he seems to be adjusting well to the dosage increase. And while we really like his neurologist, we have decided to go to Birmingham for a second opinion. He has an appointment at the end of August and hopefully this doctor will just confirm that we are on the right path. Please pray for no more seizures, that there is nothing dangerous that has caused the seizures, and that we will find the best treatment plan for Steve. Thank you for your prayers--we are so grateful for them. God is good--always!

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~k said...

Such a cute video. We got a WubbaNub from our neighbor- it's a lamb that has God Bless on it. Wonder if Sebastian will like it better than a regular paci. He doesn't dislike it, just doesn't require it.
Gracie is so precious!
Praying for Steve and a successful appointment and plan!