Friday, February 22, 2008

A Date With Daddy

Anna Clare went on a date with her daddy to a father/daughter banquet. They had a great time. She was so excited that she had him practice dancing with her for 2 nights prior. I filmed them dancing around the kitchen and it was the cutest thing. I decided at the last minute to roll her hair but dummy me rolled it wet in sponge rollers and tried to blow it dry in rollers. Needless to say this did not work. But it turned out pretty anyway. Then I get out the dress she's supposed to wear and it had one of those tags on it that must be taken off in the store or else it will tear up the dress. So, they are supposed to be leaving in like 30 minutes and we are down to two other options. Her Easter dress for this year, which I REALLY did not want her to wear...I could just see her getting ketchup on it. Or the dress she wore for her portrait, which is sleveless and bordering on too short. After trying to cram her little foot into her ecru church shoes, I realized she had outgown them. Despite all this, I was determined she was not wearing her Easter dress. So I run to the neighbors to borrow her little girls shoes and decide if her dress is a little short, it's all daddys there anyway and are they really going to notice? After all that drama, they had a ball. Steve told me after we got married that we would probably have a whole "cheerleading squad" one day, and with 2 girls, we are on our way. But he is such a great father for little girls. He fixes hair better than I do (and he actually fixed it for the banquet). He is crazy about his little girls and we are so blessed to have him! By the way, the last picture is the picky eater fixing herself a peanut butter and honey sandwich when they got home because she wouldn't eat anything at the banquet! Notice the "kiara" that she is sporting from their date (I thought that was so cute that I didn't have the heart to tell her it is a "tiara")!


frances said...

How sweet! I bet they had so much fun together. I can't wait to hear if you tried any sushi last night.

Dona said...

I love it!!! How much fun! I wonder who had more fun- AC or Steve- or maybe you! It will be something she remembers for the rest of her life!

Dona said...

Hey!- do you have my e-mail? I don't have yours and I was going to ask you about Study Club- have you been lately? I haven't gotten anything since Christmas- let me know!