Friday, February 15, 2008

Not your typical Valentine's Day

Was yesterday Valentine's Day? I almost missed it. Things were a little crazy around here. Thankfully God prepared me for what would be kind of a rough night Wednesday night. For some odd reason, all four of us were asleep by 9:00, which is very unusual. I was sleeping great until a little 8 month old popped up in her crib at 2:00am. We have a video monitor in our room and I watched to see if she would go back to sleep. She always sleeps through the night but has had a cold so I was keeping an eye on her. After changing her diaper and putting her back down, I was wide awake. I tried to go back to sleep but she continued to fuss so I did something I never do. Anna Clare had long since found her way into our bed so I got Owen up and we got in AC's bed. Then I noticed that she had a big red circle "burn" around her mouth from where the pacifier had rubbed her little skin raw. I woke Steve up (4am) and asked him if he wanted to come look at her mouth b/c I was afraid it was a reaction of some sort. What was I thinking? He rolled over and mumbled, "I'm sure she's fine." She slept on and off for the next few hours, but needless to say, I did not. I even saw the reflection of the newspaper delivery man's hazard lights as he delivered our paper at 3:47 am. Anyway, about 6:30, she starts coughing, which actually sounded more like a dog barking. So I'm thinking croupe, pneumonia, what? I throw on some clothes and head out the door with her at 7:15 in the freezing cold to the doctor's office. Diagnosis: The sweet little thing has bronchitis/croup and a pacifier burn to go with it. She looked so pitiful! Steve meets me in the parking lot with AC (still in her p.j.s ) so he can get to work. So we spent the day trying to get well. Steve came home for lunch so I could run to Walmart (still no shower) and get a few things...I was there and back in 30 minutes which is a record! AC went to the neighbors for a while after lunch so I was able to nap for an hour, which was a life saver (nap took priority over shower). I tried to exercise on the elliptical but only got 20 minutes in before Owen was screaming again. Oh well, I tried. So Steve comes home from work and I still have had no shower and no thoughts about supper. Happy Valentine's Day, honey! (not that it mattered to my Valentine - he would've been happy with a pb&j). I passed off the sick one and finally got a shower and threw some leftovers together for supper. We exchanged cards, promises for a date night SOON, and laughed about how having children makes Valentine's Day a little different. But we love each other more each year and wouldn't have it any other way!

P.S. I managed to remain fairly joyful despite the circumstances, and we will definitely be having take out tonight!!! (I would have posted pictures, but they would not have been pretty)


don said...

It just doesn't get any better!!! Just think, in 18 short years you will be worring about what they are doing at Auburn!!! Love the picture of AC in her Shepard get-up!

Not So Stereotypical Southern Socialite said...

Hope all the Thompsons are feeling better! Take care. Have enjoyed reading your blog :)