Sunday, February 10, 2008

What a weekend!

We had a super weekend! My sister came home from Alabama (she is a senior and will graduate in May...yay!) So my parents and Erin came over for a late night visit Friday. Then G.G. (Steve's mom) came into town Sat. morning and stayed the rest of the weekend with us. The pics are of G.G. with the girls Sat. night, G.G and Anna Clare with the Bitty Twins that G.G. gave her for Christmas, and also Owen by herself (poor 2nd child gets NO pictures by herself!) We enjoyed having no plans on Sat. (except I did take advantage of a grandmother and jetted off to the mall to get lipstick and B&B soap...warning...the mall is EXTREMELY CROWDED on Sat. evenings. But I did run into a couple of friends so that was nice. They asked how I got away and I simply said "G.G's in town." We had a great dinner compliments of Steve's grill that night. Sunday was so beautiful that we had to get out after church. We ended up at my parents (that's my dad with Wozer...long story about the nickname but our precious cousin Eb couldn't say Owen so he called her Woe Woe which turned into Little Miss Woes and then Wozer) and they said "stay for an hour and we'll have supper ready! Of course we stayed! More pics to post later. But overall, it was a great, family-filled weekend (sorry I didn't get pics of Erin and time)!!!


Dona said...

I am so excited! We need to get together for coffee after we drop LF and AC off at school. See you soon!

eemoney said...

I'm so glad you're doing's so cute! I love seeing the new pictures of the girls. It makes me miss them even more if that's possible! Can't wait to see y'all this weekend. Love and miss y'all!