Monday, April 14, 2008

Latest Happenings

T-Ball practice

only a pink glove would do...and it lights up too!

Left-handed batter

#13...her Daddy's old number

Steve and the girls on the trampoline

Owen in her toys

Not much going on here...just a whole lot of T-Ball. I'm not sure we have the star athlete of the team, but she sure is fun to watch. She likes "batting and running bases, but the outfield is boring!" I know, baby, I remember. We have a fun little team and they are all so darn cute! Her daddy's pretty proud to have a little ball player, too!


Lindsey said...

Hey Kristen,
I'm not sure you will remember me, but this is Lindsey Lee and my husband is Jeremy. I found your blog a/b a week ago through Dona Stickler. Anyway, Jeremy and I saw ya'll come in Sunday at church and we just wanted to say that we're glad you came and hope you'll come back! :)

Tonja said...


I think you looked mighty fine out there playing ball. That looks like lots of fun! And, I think your birthday cake is about the prettiest I have ever seen! I bet you had a great time on your date with Dad, didn't you? You sure looked pretty! I'm glad you took the blue rollers out of your hair before you left!!! :) :)
Well, see you tomorrow at school.