Saturday, December 11, 2010

Mountain Trip - Part One

During fall break we traveled to Asheville, North Carolina, to visit my brother and sister-in-law. We stopped in Atlanta at the American Girl store to break up the 8 hour trip. Ruthie got her ears pierced, but other than that we walked out empty handed - Thank Goodness!

The drive up through North Carolina was GORGEOUS! Absolutely breathtaking. October was the perfect month for this venture. And I must give a shout-out to the hunter for missing opening weekend of bow season. But don't worry..he has spent plenty of time in the woods since we have gotten back.

My brother Dave and his bride Jaime. (I am the oldest of 4. I have 2 brothers and 1 sister. Dave is 3 years younger than me. My youngest brother Scott got married this past July. So I have gained 2 wonderful sisters-in-law over the past 14 months). Dave and Jaime had just celebrated their one year wedding anniversary the weekend before we arrived. They are so much fun and we are thrilled that they are expecting a baby in May. The first cousin for my girls on my side and my first niece or nephew on my side (we will find out if it is indeed a niece or nephew right after Christmas).

Aren't they cute?!

This is their home...a cabin on the side of a mountain just outside of Asheville. We LOVE it! You should have seen us trying to maneuver my tank of a vehicle up the steep trail leading to their house. Complete with Griswold luggage carrier on top!

And this is their view if you are sitting on the front porch...

I think I would live on that porch during the month of October (except at night because it got pretty chilly).

That's Mick on the porch - one of their 4 dogs. I wish I had gotten a picture of all 4 dogs together...Mick, Cali, Cricket, and Bella. They are the sweetest dogs and the girls loved them. They all sleep inside on big pillows and I am afraid their worlds are going to be rocked in May. (The dogs' worlds, not Dave and Jaime's. But then again, theirs might be too:)

See the guitar? I love hearing my brother play. He is incredibly talented. He played The Lord's Prayer at our wedding and it's one of my favorite memories. He also (along with another musically talented friend) played the first dance for my brother Scott and his wife Laura at their wedding. "If It's the Beaches" by The Avett Brothers. LOVED. IT. You can watch it here.

OK. My girls are apparently starving to death so that's all for now. Next up...The Biltmore!


Denise said...

Their cabin is amazing!! So neat

The Skippers said...

Love it! Their cabin is awesome. I'm totally jealous of the front porch. Yeah for a Money baby!