Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Prayer Request

Hello Friends!

I am asking for prayer for my nephew, Walker. He is 9 years old and is the son of Steve's brother Brad. His mom is Jenny and his sister (who is 5) is LeighEllen. Walker has ASD which (in his case) is a hole between the two upper atriums of his heart. He is having a heart cath on Thursday morning. Jenny said it's a blessing that it's a small hole and because of that, they are going in through his leg, which means no open heart surgery or bypass machine. He will be intubated, however, and I imagine that can bring anxiety to a mama's heart like no other. After the procedure, they have to monitor his leg for possible blood clots or hematoma.

Please pray specifically for Walker's health and healing as he undergoes this, for his surgeon, for a recovery without complications, and for peace for his family...especially for his parents as they are very anxious about this. Thank you friends!


Lydia said...

Praying for Walker and family! Please tell Brad and Jenny that I'm thinking of them!

~k said...


He looks a lot like Steve, or am I just imagining it?

Love Owen's haircut btw!!!

Denise said...

I'm sure his parents are nervous... I know I would be. Just said a prayer for him. (:

kkd said...

Sending prayers up for him now and in the a.m. (for his parents too)

Melissa said...