Sunday, December 19, 2010

Mountain Trip - Part Two ( Biltmore)

Our plan for Friday was the Biltmore. Jaime and Dave had been before and since she had to work Friday, we decided to let that be our day to visit the Biltmore so we would all have Saturday together. Dave offered to keep the girls so Steve and I could go alone. He works the night shift as a nurse, however, and since they were pretty wound up when we got there Thursday night, we decided to take them with us and let him sleep.

We decided that we would stay as long as we could and that when they had had enough we would leave, whether that be one hour or all day. I am so glad we took them. They were incredibly well behaved and had the best time. We stayed five and a half hours! I never would've thought it!

The house was incredible. Absolutely amazing. I didn't take any pictures inside (I don't think you were allowed to but I really can't remember) but this was the view from the back looking out...

After the house we headed toward the gardens.

One of the gardeners explaining his job to the girls

The whole way up to NC, Steve told the girls we were going to find a cold creek for them to put their feet in. Owen kept asking, "When are we gonna get to the creet?" Well, we found the perfect little "creet" at the Biltmore...

I'm not sure if this was acceptable, or even allowed, but we did it anyway.

They thought it was great.

Then we got in the car and headed over to Antler Hill Village (still part of the Estate)

Antler Hill consisted of shops, restaurants, the winery ( with complimentary wine tastings for the adults and grape juice tastings for the kiddos), and a farm and petting zoo. On the hill is the Inn at the Biltmore for guests who wish to stay on site.

And this is Cloud, the bunny who started the craze. And my animal lover husband has encouraged the craze. I told him that he and Santa can work that out.

Gonna wrap this trip up with one last post (probably after Christmas) of our Saturday adventure!


Denise said...

I love that picture of them in the big hats. Too cute. Adeline is looking at this with me going OWEN, OWEN! AC is looking so grown in pictures!

The Skippers said...

That looks so fun. That is one of our favorite trips. I love the Biltmore! They look like they had a blast!!

Melissa said...

I love Biltmore! How great that the girls liked it too and y'all were able to stay so long!

Judy said...

I love the Biltmore and am so impressed your girls didn't get bored with it. They are charmers!

andi said...

Oh WHAT fun!!!!! I have never been there, not yet. ;0) I hope to get there! What cute little girls!!!