Thursday, June 2, 2011

Mountain Trip - Part Three

Since I never posted the remainder of our fall mountain trip to my brother's, I figured tonight was as good as any. You can read Part One here and Part Two here. As of tomorrow they are officially one week past their due date. If my little nephew doesn't come on his own this weekend, Jaime will be induced on Monday. We are so excited. So, Mason Ford Money, this post is in honor of you..

This is the French Broad River where we spent some time on Saturday. The weather was nice and chilly (a refreshing break from the 100 degree temps we are currently experiencing)and it was a gorgeous day.

And we have the pre-fall-in-the-river picture...

And after the fall...

The very wet walk back to the car...

I probably don't have to mention that the moments that followed were filled with tears, drama, and stifled laughter from the grown-ups. (Remember, it was October and very breezy). And because we had no clothes in the car, we were a long way from the house, and our day was just beginning, we revealed our true redneck nature. We hung her panties and jeans OUT THE WINDOW and continued our trek up the mountain. Thankfully there was a blanket in the car that Anna Clare wrapped up in while her clothes were flapping in the wind drying.

Remember long-haired Owen?  Just a few short weeks before the big chop.

We headed to a little mountain called Max Patch.

The summit is completely flat with the most beautiful views because it was cleared and used as a pasture for cattle and sheep starting in the 1800s and was also used as a landing strip for small planes in the 1920s.

We made our way up with Dave and Steve carrying each of the girls a good portion of the way. And it's a lot steeper than it looks.

And we made it!

The highest point...

Even Ollie made it up :)

We had a picnic on the top and enjoyed some people watching.

The girls decided they would roll their way back down.

On the way back down in the car we had our first experience with car sickness. Not sure if it was the winding mountain roads, the bluegrass on the radio (kidding,Dave:), the mountain rolling that she did, or the book she was reading, but poor Anna Clare. Thank goodness we had a plastic bag in the back. Bless her heart it has happened twice since then on long trips. I think she is just going to be prone to it and we have to limit her reading.

We finished off the night roasting marshmallows mountainside by their cabin. After going to church with them on Sunday morning (which was such a cool experience...their church actually meets in a downtown Asheville bar) we headed home. What a fun, wonderful trip we had. Life is indeed good at the cabin.

And any day now they will bringing their first child, their son, into their home. Wish I was there right now awaiting his arrival. But we will get to meet him really soon. We are praying for a smooth delivery and a precious, healthy baby boy. Mason, we already love you so very much!

And speaking of prayers, thanks so much for your continued prayers for our baby boy! We are so grateful for them. I am 16 weeks and ready to feel him moving around!

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kkd said...

What a great post and so many wonderful memories captured in pics! Love that y'all hung pants and panties out to dry and kept on truckin' up the mountain. Makes the county in me, smile!